Gorgeous Beach, Baby!

With it being a holiday, Human Rights Day, I decided to head to the beach! Now, for those who do not know me, I am not a big beach person, but I like to visit when traveling. With the meeting of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, Cape Town boasts a number of beaches including Camps Bay, Clifton and Hout Bay; I went to Clifton, which has 4 different sections.


Now, I have been to many beaches in my life — from New York to California to Barcelona to Dubai to even one outside Washington, DC, but I have to say that the beach in Cape Town has got to be if not the best, one of them! Why? The mix of the scenery, weather and water win it for Cape Town. Just imagine the towering mountain standing over you while you look out across the crystal blue water into the sea. Boats drift along the shoreline and flocks of sunbathers lay on the rocks like seals. The water may be a little cold, but you quickly warm up with the hot sun beating down on you.

The views are absolutely gorgeous! I will let the pictures speak for themselves!

Staying in Green Point, I took a quick 10-minute cab down the coast to get to the beach. However, I wanted to walk along the coast home thinking I would pick-up a cab at some point. Everyone told me I was far from the beach; walking distance possibly, but better by cab. I just kept walking until I ended back in town and then just walked the rest of the way home. An easy 10-minute cab ride there; and easy 70-minute walk home!

With the great weather, the beach is definetly a must-do for any Cape Town visitor!


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