Sailing the Canals

Easter Sunday started with me not only being a little hungover, but also hungry! And what did i crave? A burger! My great hosts I am renting a flat from suggested I try this specialty burger joing, Cocks & Cows, in downtown Copenhagen near the canals. It was terrific — and filling too! I had a huge burger with cheddar and bacon and washed it down with a beer and large Coke Zero, my new favorite drink!


After my Easter meal, I walked around the curvy downtown streets with neighborhoods filled with shops, cafes and restaurants – most of them were closed due to the holiday, but that didn’t stop the crowds of people who were out and about on this brisk yet sunny day. Then I walked passed the canals and it hit me — I should take a canal tour!! You’ve seen the bright red sightseeing buses — and they have them in Copenhagen too — but, they also have the sightseeing boats. #done. I headed to the ticket office seeing that a boat was getting ready to depart. After paying just 70KR (about $12 bucks) and grabbing a lattee, I boarded the half empty boat for the one-hour tour. Just like the red buses, the boat stops about 3 times during the tour at different parts of the city for you to hop-on-and-off to catch the sights.

The tour was wonderful; the boat made its way through the various canals that provide additional waterways throughout Copenhagen. The tour guide provides information in both Danish and English while taking questions. While I mentioned it was a brisk and sunny day, it quickly changed on the water where it got really cold really quickly. Regardless, the tour was great and I was glad I did it. Some of the highights that are on the tour route include:

I guess I have seen everything — not so fast! I went back to see the Royal Palace, the Little Mermaid and walk to the top of the Church following the tour. I am not a big fan of the sigtseeing bus, I have even made of those taking them while I’ve been traveling (definelty in Washington, DC). I have to say that the buses — and the boats — are great ways to see everything a city has to offer outling what you need to go back and see yourself!

Copenhagen Opera House

The Royal Palace

The Little Mermaid

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