The Read Out on Bondi Beach

In my last blog post, I mentioned that I was taking off for the beach – Bondi Beach, one of the world’s most beautiful and popular beaches in the world. And it lived up to its reputation – soft white sand and near blue-ish waters.  It was your typical beach scene, busy boardwalk with runners and sightseers, retail stores, and thousands of people flooding the beaches to sun bathe and swimming.

It turns out that I went around the perfect time – about 10am in the morning before it got, as I like to say, Manhattan busy. latest celebrity news There was room on the beach to lay-out, relax and enjoy the sun and water before it got too hot. And just a note, remember to put sunscreen on before you lay out, not just after like I did (I now have a lovely sunburn and farmers tan!).

But, I have to say one thing – I have to been to beaches over the years, including Jones Beach on Long Island where I spent many summers growing up, and people seem to very cautious about their belongings and themselves while on the beach.  But, at Bondi Beach, people seemed friendly and trusting. For example, as I lay there taking in the sun and reading my iPad, a young guy walks by me, drops his clothes, wallet and phone in a little bundle onto the sand (looked like a little jackpot for anyone to take) and threw his shirt off and ran into the water. He must have been swimming in the water for at least 30 minutes before he returned to retrieve his things, clearly not concerned anyone would take them. As well, on the boardwalk, before a young guy was to take a run, he dropped his sack of belongings down to the sand, left it there while running. While I walked the boardwalk, I not only saw his stuff sitting there unnoticed (or even being bothered), I saw also saw him run by several times not concerned.

Are we this trusting back home?

Here is one of the first pictures from my trip and it is of Bondi Beach

One Response to “The Read Out on Bondi Beach”

  1. GinaG says:

    Sounds perfect! How did you…a CA boy, and pretty white, may I say, not know to put sunblock on first? Too long on the east coast–my guess.
    I want to be at the beach! Have fun Mate.

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